New Watch Dogs 2 Trailer Delves Into The Game’s Multiplayer

Watch Dogs 2’s release date is just a few short months away and now developer Ubisoft has unveiled a new trailer at Gamescom 2016, which details some of the game’s online multiplayer modes.

To start off, there are no online lobbies and as long as players are online, there is always a chance of randomly encountering other players. You can then team up with these players in order to attempt missions cooperatively or to just perform various activities present in the game world.

Online Invasions also make a return in this game. This mode features rival hackers invading into a player’s game in order to steal data, all the while these hackers appear to the player as random NPCs. The player must then locate and eliminate these rivals before they are able to successfully steal their data.


The newest addition to online multiplayer is the inclusion of the Bounty Hunter Mode. Creating too much chaos and killing civilians will earn players a bounty on their head, which will enable up to three other players to invade into the player’s game to claim said bounty. If the player is able to eliminate these invaders instead, they will be rewarded with even greater rewards.

Watch Dogs 2 shows new protagonist in E3 Gameplay

Watch Dogs 2 is due for a release on 15th November 2016, and features new protagonist Marcus Holloway, a hacker who is involved with the hacking group DedSec.

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