New Watch Dogs Patch Released To Improve PC Performance

Ever since Watch Dogs came out, it has been plagued with numerous in-game issues such as this or this and also many performance issues with people struggling to get seamless gameplay even with turbo-powered machines. However, even a couple of months after launch, Ubisoft is still committed to make the game a better product and the newest patch aims to address the issues faced by the upper class of systems.


The patch mainly fixes stuttering issues faced when the game is running on High and Ultimate textures. According to the official forum post

Recently, we optimized some of the performance issues that were causing some users to experience high amounts of stuttering while playing Watch_Dogs. Instances of stuttering during gameplay should now be reduced, especially when using “High Textures”; however, some players might still experience some stuttering while playing with “Ultra Textures” settings on.

We’ll keep updating you as more fixes for stuttering are currently being worked on.

Some other fixes addressed by this patch includes

Here is a list of other fixes:
• Several fixes to improve NAT type error messages.
• Fix for PCs with multiple network interfaces.
• Fixed an issue at the Poker Table in which the button appeared corrupted after being pulled from the surveillance camera when Aiden is dealing the cards.
• Fixed weapon wheel issue that prevent shotgun selection with mouse.
• Fixed title crashes on loading screen, while Aiden selects to restart last autosave, after previously interacting with the slot machine from Mad Mile.

The patch installs automatically through Uplay.

It is admirable that Ubi is still trying to fix the issues however, many people might have just completed the game or they might have already given up on the game.

So did this patch improve your performance or not? Let us know in the comments!



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