New Xbox One controller comes with 3.5mm jack

The Xbox One’s controller is great, from the grips to the analogs, the controller oozes quality. Microsoft did however downright failed when they chose to include a 2.5mm headphone jack instead of a 3.5mm one. The 3.5mm jack is much more widespread and included with the Dualshock 4, luckily Microsoft has decided to rectify the problem and include the jack in its new controllers.

The new ‘Covert Forces’ Xbox One controller replaces the 2.5mm jack with a 3.5mm jack. There’s also a nice little paintjob which look great in my opinion.


Check out the technical specs of the new Xbox One controller below:

  • Delivery: Wireless Controller and (2x) AA batteries
  • 3.5mm jack
  • 10m range
  • Contain additional content
  • Up to eight wireless controllers can be simultaneously connected to the console
  • Menu and View button for easy navigation
  • Seamless Profile and controller-coupling – The Kinect sensor detects infrared Less Controller
  • Expansion Slot for accessories such as the Chat Headset
  • Compatible with the Xbox One Play & Charge Kit, the Xbox One stereo headset, the Xbox One Chat Headset and conventional headset with 3.5mm jack.

By the looks of it the controller is pretty much the same as the old controller with a new audio jack. The standard controller without the paintjob should be updated with the new jack soon, but till then if you want a Xbox One controller with a 3.5mm jack then the ‘Covert Ops’ controller if your only choice.

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