New Xbox One Experience Preview Update Released On Oct 31st, Fixes YouTube Bug, DLNA And More

Microsoft has released yet another New Xbox One Experience update for the Preview members. This update fixes some key issues including an error where players weren’t able to sign-in into their account on the Xbox One.

As it is usual with such updates, there is a changelog available for it, including the workaround for some of the glitches experienced by the users. Check it out below.

OS version released: th2_xbox_rel_1510.151029-2122
Available: 4:00PM PDT 10/31 (5PM GMT 10/31)

Issues:

  • Xbox are currently tracking a sign-in issue which some users are experiencing. If you’re having difficulty signing in, please try the workaround below, and if it resolves the issue, please reply to this thread in the Preview forums.

Workaround: Go to Settings/Account/Remove accounts and delete your account. Then, open Guide/Sign in tab/Add & manage/Add new to recover your profile to the Xbox.

Disc Based Games:

  • When attempting to launch a disc based game, you may be prompted to sign in with the user who owns the game.

Workaround: Eject and re-insert the game disc.


  • YouTube console shut down: Your console should no longer shut down when launching the YouTube app.
  • Green screen after system update: This build contains a fix to address issues with the console loading to a green or black screen after downloading a system update.
  • Blank App Tiles: Game and app tiles in My games & apps should no longer appear blank.
  • Wireless Networking: This build contains a fix to address being unable to detect wireless networks with an external hard drive attached.
  • Party and game chat: This build contains a fix to address being unable to hear others when joining a party chat, while game chat would function normally.
  • Media Player: The media player should no longer fail to connect to DLNA content.


New Xbox One experience firmware update is currently set for a release on November 12th. It will launch with Backwards Compatibility for the Xbox One.

Let us know if you have updated to the latest version of Xbox One beta firmware in the comments below.

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