New Xbox One Experience Release Date Revealed, Will Launch Alongside Backwards Compatibility

Microsoft has confirmed the release date of the newest Xbox firmware update called New Xbox One Experience. This new update brings a significant visual overhaul to the Xbox One dashboard and brings plenty of new features for the firmware. In addition to the announcement of the release date of this major firmware update in November, Microsoft has also confirmed the start of backwards compatibility for the Xbox One.

In a set of tweets, it was revealed that Xbox Head, Phil Spencer has announced the release date of the New Xbox One Experience firmware update and the start of Backwards Compatibility, both of which will arrive on November 12th.

New Xbox One experience is currently in beta testing phase where it is available to a select few members of the Xbox Preview program. Microsoft has recently released a new firmware update for it that fixes some of the major bugs and glitches in the beta firmware. It was already confirmed for a November launch and now we have a solid release date for it as well.


Xbox One received its own backwards compatibility at E3 2015 although it was still not available for every game. It was limited to a partial list of games and Microsoft had promised better support for games starting this Fall. This support will arrive this November as it will be the official start of backwards compatibility for the Xbox One.

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