New Xbox One Experience Update Released On October 29th, Patch Notes Reveal Various Fixes

Microsoft has released yet another new update for New Xbox One Experience for the Preview members. This update has finally fixed the Game Installs issue that plagued some of the users, often showing progress beyond 100%. This also fixes the issue with digital game and app installations which used to stop after encountering an error.

You can read the full set of details about this new update from the patch notes below.

OS version released: th2_xbox_rel_1510.151026-2048
Available: 29/10/15

Issues:

Xbox are currently tracking a sign-in issue which some users are experiencing. If you’re having difficulty signing in, please try the workaround below, and if it resolves the issue, please see the thread in the Preview forums.

Workaround: Go to Settings/Account/Remove accounts and delete your account. Then, open Guide/Sign in tab/Add & manage/Add new to recover your profile to the Xbox.

Disc Based Games:

When attempting to launch a disc based game, you may be prompted to sign in with the user who owns the game.

Workaround: Eject and re-insert the game disc.


Game Install: When installing some game titles with pending updates, you should no longer experience installs which show a progress rate greater than 100%.

MTU: MTU should no longer display as 510 when running a multiplayer connection test.

Installation Stopped errors: This build contains a fix for encountering installation stopped errors when installing digital games and apps.

USB keyboards and sign-in: When using a USB keyboard to enter your password, pressing the tab key should no longer cause the sign-in page to lock up.

Known Issues:

App Issues: Certain apps may fail to launch, or video streams may fail to play.

Voice Studio


This makes it the third update in the span of a week for the New Xbox One Experience Beta. This new firmware update is currently only available to a select few members that are a part of the Xbox One Preview program allowing them to Beta test future firmware updates.


New Xbox One Experience will officially launch on November 12th for the general public. It has also been confirmed that this new firmware update will add support for Backwards Compatibility with Xbxo 360 games on Xbox One.

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