Next gen consoles’ graphics horsepower too weak to play Star Citizen, claims developer

Next gen consoles' graphics horsepower is too weak to play Star Citizen, claims developer

Cloud Imperium Games’ senior game developer Eric ‘Wingman’ Peterson has claimed that the current wave of next gen consoles, both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 do not possess the graphical prowess needed to run the studio’s upcoming space trading and combat simulator title, Star Citizen.

In a recent interview; when asked why the studio was gearing up to release the title just for Microsoft Windows, Peterson’s reply was straight forward, although he might have ended up damaging the inflated hubris of console manufacturing companies, both Microsoft and Sony. He stated that consoles cannot handle such a demanding game such as Star Citizen. In addition, he also elaborated that next generation consoles cannot be pitted against PCs as their internal do not possess powerful peripherals needed to provide a suitable compare and contrast ratio against PC components.


Even though both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 do not possess sufficient graphics horsepower to run Star Citizen, Peterson was confident when he said the title will run well on mid-range gaming rigs, even though he refused to state the minimum requirements that fit his approximation of mid-range gaming rigs. Furthermore, the multiplayer mode of Star Citizen will be able to support between 50-70 players so in order to render all those details at acceptable frame rates, you will need to invest heavily on a slobber knocker of a processor and graphic card.

Star Citizen will be developed on a modified version of Crytek’s fourth-generation CryEngine. The modified version will no doubt deliver spectacular visuals but apart from that, it will also possess a higher degree of optimizations that will allow mid-range gaming rigs to perform well even on the highest graphical settings. Peterson has said that PC gamers will not end up turning in to victims of poor gaming optimizations, despite their rig’s impressive specifications.


Star Citizen’s studio is currently being crowd funded; with a total amount of over $48 million and counting has been given to the studio to make as much effort as possible to deliver an immersive title. Star Citizen is expected to be released sometime in 2015.

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