Ni No Kuni 2 Guide: How to Craft Or Upgrade Weapons and Armor

The full ability to create weapons and armors will only start with the completion of chapter 3 after you have established Evermore which is the name of the kingdom that Evan rules, you can upgrade your weapons and armor. You will be able to learn how to craft weapons and armors and upgrade most of your important weapons through this guide.

To start off, you will need to begin your Kingdom and start building facilities like the Evermore Outfitters and Evermore Weapon Workshop buildings. For ease of use, you can simply go to the facilities menu in Kingdom management and find them from the list available there.

How To Craft New Weapons And Armor In Ni No Kuni 2

Once you have spent a certain amount of Kinguilders to craft the required facilities. It will be possible to research new type of weapons or armor. First, you will have to assign a number of personnel for the facility, this can be done by picking out the personnel with the best rating which is usually the top of the list, or someone who has a gold star next to their name.

Once the time limit has expired for each research level that you had chosen, you can exit from the overview mode. Then you can exit from throne room door and then you will find yourself in your ‘chibi’ mode in the center of Evermore town square. You can now hit up each weapon and armor shop as Evan, and forge new weapons and armor for all your characters.

Next, head to the Weapon Workshop, where you can select the ‘make armor’ or ‘make weapons’ option, to find yourself with a list of new items that you can make. You can also compare the equipment that you are crafting by pressing the options button. You will need to find the required material in order to complete the crafting process.

How To Determine Weapons And Armor Rank

All pieces of equipment have a star rating out of five. This rating reflects the rarity of each item. A piece of equipment with 5 stars is harder to find and requires rarer resources to craft in Evermore. A one-star item is much easier to find and requires easy to find materials in order to craft.