Ni No Kuni For PS3 Emulated At 4K On PC Makes Us Demand A Remaster For Modern Platforms

Ni No Kuni finally received a sequel in 2018 but the original game is still fondly remembered. Sadly there is no way to play it on modern platforms for now.

One of the benefits of emulation is that it lets the user brute force their way out of any limitations like resolution and frame rate. This is exactly what happened here with Ni No Kuni on PS3, which is now possible to emulate on a PC and it is fully playable as per the developers of the emulator.

The video below showcases Ni No Kuni running at 4K on a PC with the PS3 emulator RPCS3.

While we normally discourage emulation due to it equating to piracy, this is a cool video nonetheless that just makes us wish harder for a remaster for modern consoles.

Ni No Kuni had a full title that was long. It was Wrath of the White Witch and this was the first time Level 5 and Studio Ghibli collaborated on a full video game project. It had all the charm of a classic Ghibli animated movie and offered a great story and emotions filled adventure. Sadly, the only way to play Ni No Kuni 1 is through PS3, or by emulating a legal copy of PC, which brings other benefits as well.

Perhaps, one day Bandai Namco will finally port this classic to the modern consoles so everyone can enjoy it.

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