Niantic Labs Take Down PokeVision Website

Pokemon GO developers, Niantic Labs, have taken down a number of popular Pokemon tracking websites such as PokeVision. PokeVision is a third-party website that allows players to track down Pokemon.

The site provided a service that many considered cheating or an exploit. Pokemon GO’s buggy 3 steps system forced some fans to use the website. After the recent patch, Niantic removed the 3 step system which made catching Pokemon a lot harder. Fans resorted to the PokeVision website, but Niantic had other plans.


Niantic did not only take down PokeVision, they took down every third-party site that tracked Pokemon. People have been forced to use these websites even if they think they are cheating, because the app itself has not provided an accurate system that would allow Pokemon GO players to track down Pokemon. PokeVision’s official twitter tweeted that Niantic is shutting them down:

In my opinion, Niantic Labs should have worked on their own Pokemon tracking system before shutting down these websites. Pokemon GO players currently have no way to track down Pokemon. The only way users can run into a Pokemon is by complete luck.

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Hopefully Niantic will release a proper tracking system soon to give fans a way to track nearby Pokemon.

Abdullah Raza


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