Nier Automata: How To Get Noctis’ Engine Blade From Final Fantasy XV

Nier Automata is out now in Asia and Japan. The game is set to launch in North America on March 7th and while a PC version is also announced, there is no confirmed release date for it yet.

Nier Automata is directed by Yoko Taro, who is well known for his work on the Drakengard series. Taro is also responsible for adding a backstory for his of the weapons that the protagonist can find in the game and in the case of Nier Automata, the engine blade from Final Fantasy XV can be obtained by following the instructions listed in the video below.

The Engine blade in Nier Automata has its own set of story around the relationship of the Royal Prince Noctis and his father, the King Regis. Some users have managed to update the Engine blade to its maximum level and have unlocked the whole story for it. You can check out this story below, and if you haven’t played Final Fantasy XV, be wary of any potential spoilers.

A small prince rests alone in a vast, vast bedroom. He wishes his father knew how much he hates sleeping alone, but he doesn’t dare to tell him. For the king is very busy man and must not be disturbed. A king sits alone in his vast, vast office, drowning in affairs of state. All he wants is to see his family and hug his son, but he cannot. For his every waking moment must be spent in service of the people. One day, while eating dinner, the king asks his son what he most desires in the world. He hopes he will say that he wants them to spend more time together, but instead the boy simply points at a sword hanging on the wall. The ancient sword is considered the sign that one is ready to rule. “Someday” the king chuckles. His son faintly smiles back at him. All he really wanted was for his father to read him a bedtime story…

Nier Automata will be released on March 7th for the PS4 in North America and March 10th for Europe. It will be also released on PC although a confirmed release date hasn’t been revealed yet.

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