Nier Automata’s First Gameplay Trailer Is Full Of Explosive Action, Will Run At 60 FPS

Square Enix has released the first ever gameplay trailer for Nier Automata and as expected, it is full of action and gives us a detailed look at the gameplay of the game. We can also see the protagonist of Nier, which is blindfolded, fights against a variety of Androids.

This trailer was presented in a livestream of JeuxVideo France and it has been recorded in direct-feed by YouTube user SilentProtagonistPV. Check it out below.

Yoko Taro has also confirmed that this game will run at 60 frames per second, which is usually the norm for an action game from Platinum Games.

Nier Automata is currently announced for the PS4 and it is set for a release in 2016. Platinum Games are developing the main game with assistance from series creator Yoko Taro, who is directing this new game in the Nier franchise.


The original Nier was released on the PS3 and Xbox 360 by Square Enix, directed by Yoko Taro. It didn’t receive critical acclaim but it was lauded for its superb story and characters. It slowly became a cult classic among fans. Square Enix announced a sequel/successor to the original at this year’s E3 conference. This new game is being developed in a partnership with Platinum Games, who will handle the development of the game.

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