Ninja Theory’s Bleeding Edge leaked, is a 4V4 multiplayer brawler

Ninja Theory’s first project post its Microsoft acquisition, Bleeding Edge, has been leaked ahead of its supposed announcement at E3 which stars next week.

Ninja Theory was acquired by the green team last year and is now under the Xbox Game Studios umbrella developing games for the Xbox brand.

Footage of Bleeding Edge made its way earlier today and looks to be a 4V4 brawler with some very unique abstract character designs. Check out the leaked footage below (mirrors here and here incase the video below gets removed):

The trailer also states that there will be a Technical Alpha on June 27, which is certainly good news as players won’t have to wait long before they can get their hands on the game.

Expect the game to be available for both Xbox One and PC since that’s part of the current Xbox Game Studios initiative. Bleeding Edge was also rumored to be free-to-play but let’s wait for an official confirmation that’s due in just a few days.

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