Nintendo confirms “two versions” of Fire Emblem Fates

Nintendo confirmed Fire Emblem Fates for North America in their E3 Media Event yesterday. In Japan the game comes in two versions and it was unconfirmed if that would be the case for the Western as well. In a Press Release posted by Nintendo today Fire Emblem Fates was confirmed to have “two versions”.

Two versions of the franchise’s new installment offer players an unprecedented choice: fight an opposing force or join the other side and try to make changes from within. For the first time in the series, players take on the role of the main character and command an army, while struggling to decide which path to follow: helping blood relatives or the family that raised him or her. The game is scheduled to launch in 2016.

In Japan the game has two versions like Pokemon in the form of Fire Emblem If Black Kingdom and Fire Emblem If White Kingdom. Each versions has a different campaign as players choose what Kingdom to represent when buying the game. A third campaign will be released on the Nintendo eShop when the game releases in Japan later this month.

Expect more information on Fire Emblem Fates in a future Direct.

Fire Emblem Fates is scheduled for 2016 release in North America exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.

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