Nintendo Home Console sales cross 300 million units

Nintendo’s home console sales have crossed over 300 million units according to the latest update from Nintendo’s investment release.

This comes in just days after Sony announced that they have sold over 500 million PlayStation hardware.

As it is known the Wii is Nintendo’s highest selling console yet, with the Switch selling almost 20 million units in the small time frame its been out, check out the full sales numbers below:

  • NES — 61.91
  • SNES — 49.10
  • N64 — 32.93
  • GameCube — 21.74
  • Wii — 101.63
  • Wii U — 13.56
  • Switch — 19.67

This results in a total number of 300.54 million, a mighty impressive feat.

What’s even more impressive is the number of handhelds the company has sold, even outnumbering the home console sales. The full Handheld sales are below:

  • Game Boy — 118.69 (includes Color)
  • Game Boy Advance — 81.51
  • DS — 154.02
  • 3DS — 72.89

Totaling a massive 427.11 million. Combining both results in Nintendo having sold over 727.65 million game devices in its history, just wow!

Do note that these numbers don’t even include the side consoles like the Virtual Boy or SNES Classic.

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