Nintendo’s Miiverse getting a redesign this Summer

Nintendo is working on a redesign for its social hub, Miiverse. Users can expect the new design to offer a larger array of features that make game-related interactions with other players more seamless and enjoyable.

The new features are listed below.

Screenshot Album

The all-new screenshot album will allow players to save their screenshots in the form an album, and will also give them the opportunity to build up a collection of memories from their favorite games.

Play Journal

With their very own Play Journal, players will now be able to maintain a record of their unique gaming experiences by writing journal entries about games as they play. Creating a Play Journal entry will be as easy and intuitive as opening Miiverse during gameplay.

This feature is a replacement for posting to one’s activity feed, therefore players will not be able to post to their activity feeds once the design has rolled out.

New Look for Communities


The main community hub for each game will now have post categorized in order to make them easier and more enjoyable to browse through. These categories include Play Journal Entries, Drawings, and Discussions.

The redesign will also be accompanied by some relaxations for players, as they will now be able to post a combined total of 30 posts or comments per day. However, in-game posts will not be counted in this total. Currently, the limitation on number Miiverse posts is stricter.

Nintendo will begin rolling out the new Miiverse interface for the Wii U and 3DS starting this Summer. Let us know what you think about the new design in the comments below.

Muhammad Ali Bari

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