Nintendo NX Is A HandHeld Console, Less Poweful Than PlayStation 4

A few hours ago, EuroGamer reported that Nintendo’s upcoming console, The Nintendo NX, will be a handheld console.

The Nintendo NX is a powerful portable console with its own display. But that’s not all, as the console has detachable controllers on both ends of the screen. These controllers can be detached and used whenever needed. The Nintendo NX can be connected to your TV’s docking station to provide an external display for you to enjoy gaming on a bigger screen.

Nintendo NX Zelda Breath of the Wild cartridge

The console uses game cartridges, similar to the old bulky cartridges of the GameBoy, and will also support digital downloads.

The NX is powered by Nvidia’s powerful Tegra X1 mobile processor, which makes the handheld console very powerful. The Tegra X1 inclusion makes the Nintendo NX more powerful than the Xbox 360 and PS3. Although less powerful than the PS4 and Xbox One, EuroGamer stated that graphical parity is not Nintendo’s primary goal, instead Nintendo’s true intention is to include all of this technology, into a handheld console. However, there is a rumor which says that the NX might use the upcoming Tegra X2. Which will make the console even more powerful than the current information suggests.

Due to the drastic change in hardware, sources confirmed to EuroGamer, that the console will not support backwards compatibility.

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Nintendo themselves have not made any announcements regarding the upcoming console. They are gearing up for the console’s unveiling in September. What are your thought regarding the Nintendo NX? Let us know in the comment section below.

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