Nintendo NX isn’t digital only, will make use of ‘physical media’

Courtesy of video game retailer GameStop, any rumors regarding the transition from optical discs to digital downloads for the upcoming Nintendo NX have now ended. The original rumors suggested that the Nintendo NX would only support digitized downloads due to the lack of any visible optical disc drive in the hardware patent.

When posed with the question last month regarding the console’s suggested switch, GameStop CEO Paul Raines responded saying:

“It will have physical media, we will play a role in it, our pre-owned business will also play a role. So we’re excited about that.”

However, the GameStop CEO was a little indefinite when questioned regarding the cartridge rumor; there was an indication of a read/write card slot in the very same patent. While GameStop had little to say regarding the implementation of a cartridge format, Mike Mauler, the executive vice president, acknowledged what they would prefer.

“The only difference [between discs and cartridges] would be on the refurbishment and pre-owned side. And actually, cartridges are much simpler to refurbish and repackage. So there is somewhat a little bit of an advantage if it went in that direction.”

He went on to comment on the prospective future of the NX, although he was a little more business-oriented:

“Should the new NX perform only slightly better than the Wii U,” explained executive vice president Mike Hogan, “it would still generate $2.7 billion of incremental sales over the first two years. Should it perform at even half of the level of the Wii, it would generate $7.5 billion in incremental sales over that timeframe.”

We can’t blame him though. Earlier at E3, fans were completely taken aback by the stunning reveal and gameplay demo of the newest upcoming title in the Zelda series: ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’. Pokemon Sun and Moon is also due for a release on November 18th, 2016. Couple those games with possible cartridge formats as the primary form of the Nintendo NX’s physical media, the idea could potentially invoke a sense of nostalgia within the gaming community, possibly positively impacting sales, and a wider Nintendo fanbase.


Although, Raines was quick to focus on the gaming potential:

“And of course we love Nintendo IP. So it’s all good news.”

What do you think about the possible future of the upcoming Nintendo NX? Let us know in the comments below.

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