Nintendo and Square Enix massively underestimate Octopath Traveler sales, Amazon backordered for 1-2 months

The Square Enix developed Nintendo Switch exclusive JRPG Octopath Traveler is more popular than the publisher once thought.

Published by Nintendo internationally and by Square Enix in Japan, Octopath Traveler is facing stock issues in many regions with fans claiming to not being able to get their hands on the game.

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Square Enix who as aforementioned publishes the game in Japan also apologized and suggested that fans either buy the game digitally or buy a download card to play the game.

There has been much hype behind the game recently which was announced back in 2017, but initially it was just thought to be another low budget JRPG. However with journalist impressions over the past few months and a positively received demo, the game was on the top of most Nintendo Switch owners’ wishlists.

Octopath Traveler released on the 13th of July and has been receiving mostly positive reviews with journalists praising its art direction and gameplay mechanics.

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We just hope Nintendo gets more stock in as soon as possible as the game deserves as much support as it can get, hopefully cementing plans for a sequel.

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