Nintendo President Wants The Company To Focus On Smartphone Apps That Turn Into “Huge Hits”, More On The Way

Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa wants the company to focus on creating smartphone apps and games that eventually become huge hits.

Nintendo has had huge success with their smartphone apps like Pokemon GO, Fire Emblem Heroes, etc. although they were certainly hesitant on bringing their IPs to platforms they don’t have control over.

In an interview with Nikkan, Furukawa mentioned the Japanese developer is currently working on “mulitple” new applications for smartphones, in hope that they will turn into “huge hits” like their previous efforts.

The Smartphone market is quickly becoming a strong contributor to Nintendo’s revenue stream, as well as proving the company’s mainstream appeal, as evident by games like Super Mario Run which is now available in around 150 countries all over the globe.

Furukawa stated that he wants the company to focus on the smartphone market and make it one of their “pillars” even it though could take “a lot of time” for them to do so.

When talking about smartphones the topic of the Nintendo 3DS came up which is now almost 8 years old. With the Switch being such a huge success and being able to play games on the go like the 3DS, many speculate Nintendo to be shifting focus away from the console. Furukawa explained that the 3DS is “light, portable and cheap” and that its very different from the Switch. He further stated that Nintendo has plans for the console and will continue production for the future.

Who knows in the future Nintendo could possibly replace their portables like the DS or 3DS with smartphones of some sort?

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