Nintendo recasts Male Byleth for Fire Emblem Heroes, releases a “New Hero” trailer

The Male version of Byleth, the protagonist of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, has been recast for his appearance in Fire Emblem Heroes.

Now voiced by Zack Aguilar, Byleth was previously voice by Christopher Niosi who has long been in different types of controversies over the years and labelled “sexually abusive, manipulative and aggressive”. After Male Byleth’s initial tease in the previous banner video for Heroes, his voice actor was revealed which led to fans showing their distraught.

Apparently now Niosi has been replaced, in a matter of days, for his Fire Emblem: Heroes appearance. As for Fire Emblem: Three Houses is concerned, with the information we have at hand, Niosi is still the VA for Male Byleth in that game.

Now coming back to the announcement, the new trailer featuring Male Byleth and his abilities is below:

He will be available starting 31st of July. You’ll also be able to redeem him if you buy Three Houses, details on that here.

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