Nintendo reveals New 3DS and New 3DS XL models with improved Hardware

In a shocking move, Nintendo has decided to refresh the 3DS catalogue. They announced today the New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL models with slightly refreshed looks and improved hardware.

The New Nintendo 3DS has a new screen that is 1.2 times of the old 3DS screen. Nintendo has also replaced the buttons with colorful ones of the classic Super Famicom. The biggest hardware change is the addition of the second analog stick to the right side. The new analog stick will come in handy playing Super Smash Bros and other games with controllable cameras, expect it to function similar to the Circle Pad Pro Nintendo released a while back.


Also added from the Circle Pad Pro are the ZL and ZR buttons. The New 3DS will also have better brightness controls and better 3D viewing angles. MicroSD cards will be replacing standard SD cards on the New Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo also promised better functionality to allow users to easily transfer files from their PCs to the 3DS. Software wise the New Nintendo 3DS will have a better and faster Internet Browser with proper Parental Control functionality.

The New Nintendo 3DS will feature a more powerful CPU, which means that it will be able to download software faster, don’t worry as older games and software will work just fine on the newer model. It will also have NFC with support for Nintendo’s amiibo toys.

The New Nintendo 3DS models are currently Japan only for now and don’t expect them to arrive in the West until next year. The New Nintendo 3DS will be retailing for 16,000 yen while the New Nintendo 3DS XL will retail for 18,800 yen. They release is Japan on 11 October 2014.

The first game headed as a New Nintendo 3DS exclusive is Xenoblade Chronicles.

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