Nintendo rip-off title features in-app purchases of up to 99.99$

While it is known that certain gaming apps try their luck with recommending addons to naive players, a recent game offers additional features that are worth about 99$ and is a class A rip-off.

Called Super Monster Bros and developed by Adventure Time Pocket Free Games for the iPhone, this platformer includes characters that look exactly like the ones from Pokemon and Mario Bros (even the jumping sound effect is taken from Super Mario!).

Released on Feb. 23rd of this year, the children-oriented game proposes in-app purchases such as additional characters & enhancing game mechanics, which range from 5$ to a whopping 99$.

worst app ever

If you really wish to see some gameplay of this atrocious game, head over to IGN to watch hosts Justin and Brian have a laugh on their series, titled iPhone Garbage.

One tip of advice: do NOT let your child or younger brother/sister steal your credit card.

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