Nintendo Switch: First Bricked Unit Reported With Blue Screen of Death

Nintendo Switch has launched today and as expected, we are hearing about the issues that plague the launch day units. As it is the case with every new hardware launch, Nintendo Switch also appears to have some defective units and the issue here appears to be a complete blue screen death for the console.

This was shared by reddit user supportdevil who also told his story of how he received his unit with this issue. He ordered the Nintendo Switch from Amazon Germany and upon receiving it, he tried to play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch. The game appears to have loaded fine on it until a sudden crash along with noise from the Switch hardware. The screen went white leading to a reboot of the console. Once the hardware was turned on again, the console wasn’t booting and showed a blue screen of death as seen below.

The user contacted Nintendo Support later who confirmed that the console that he received is indeed dead. He was also the first one to report such a major issue to Nintendo. Apparently there is a similar orange screen hardware issue for the Nintendo Switch and it can be solved through a trick by holding the power button down when starting the console.

According to the user, he has tested the method by holding the power button down for 12 seconds but unfortunately it didn’t really solve his problem. So the conclusion here is that orange screen can be fixed but a blue screen means the hardware is dead, as it happened with this reddit user.

Nintendo Switch is available worldwide starting today at a price of $299. It comes bundled with Joy Cons and Charging Dock although the Pro Controller has to be bought separately.

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