Nintendo Switch: How To Fix Orange Screen of Death Issue

Nintendo Switch has officially launched today worldwide and it has been barely few hours in its launch, yet we have already seen our first bricked Switch system in addition a new type of issue that results in a orange screen of death on the hardware.

The issue was first reported on reddit and a solution was quickly discovered afterwards. Unlike the Blue Screen of Death, this issue appears to be easily fixed. The solution to this is simply holding the power button for a minute and waiting for the screen to turn off. Once the system completely shuts down, the next time it is started again, it should be functioning as usual. This is also a solution recommended by Nintendo Support.

The case of the issue was random as the user who encountered it stated that he left the system in docked state at night and woke up to this orange screen the next day. Perhaps this was a bug or glitch in the system but considering that this is the launch day for the Nintendo Switch, it can be a scary experience for first time users.

Nintendo Switch has officially launched today worldwide and retails at $299 for the standard edition. There are two different color choices available at launch include the Neon and the Grey color schemes.

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