Nintendo Switch Permanent Hardware Hack Released, Related To Full System Exploit

Nintendo Switch was confirmed to have a large security exploit with its origin tied to the Nvidia Tegra hardware that powers it. This exploit was demonstrated in action by the hacking team failOverflow, who also promised to release this exploit free of cost later. They have now delivered on their promise and the hardware hack is out in the open letting any user gain full access to the Nintendo Switch kernel.

Nintendo is rather unfortunate when it comes to securing the security of their consoles. Almost every one of their hardware was hacked to death including the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS.

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Hackers who have gained access to the hardware could run unsigned code leading to homebew and even piracy in some cases. Sadly this appears to be the case for Nintendo Switch as well.

The exploit can be viewed on GitHub and while it is not as user friendly in its current state, it does work as a proof of concept of what to expect from the Nintendo Switch homebrew scene.

Judging from the nature of this exploit, it will be hard to block it out with future firmware updates so what Nintendo can do best is to release a new hardware revision for the Nintendo Switch that might finally bypass it.

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Nintendo Switch is currently one of the best selling hardware for Nintendo in almost every region of  the world. It is outpacing the sales of the Nintendo Wii and has alleviated the failure of Nintendo Wii U. As a hybrid console, the homebrew capability of the Nintendo Switch should offer plenty of possibilities.

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