Nintendo Switch Launch Day Draws Huge Crowd In Japan And America

Nintendo Switch is out today worldwide. It is the first Nintendo system to launch worldwide and also the first system to be completely region free, which is a surprise since it was developed by Nintendo who are known for their region locking practice.

Since this is the first worldwide launch for Nintendo Switch, it is getting a huge amount of attention worldwide where people are forming lines at retail stores to get the console on launch. The stock situation at launch doesn’t seem to be favorable which means unless you have a confirmed pre-order for the hardware, it will be hard to walk into a store and get the Switch at launch.

If you wanted to have a look at the Switch launch and see how much crowd it draws, you can have a look at some of the videos and pics below showing the Switch launch worldwide.

First we have a video from the Nintendo World store in New York where CND, who has been waiting for a Nintendo Switch since early this month, shows the crowd that is gathered for the launch of the hardware.

Secondly we have another video from Japan showing the crowd situation there at the launch of Nintendo Switch.

Lastly Famitsu has several articles covering the Nintendo Switch launch in Japan also showing the lines of people that are there to get the console from store on day one. You can find the articles from here and here or check out some of the pictures below, courtesy of Famitsu.

Nintendo Switch is available today worldwide for the price of $299. Since this is the launch day and Nintendo has reportedly allocated a low stock for it, don’t be surprised to see them getting out of stock if the launch proves to be successful.

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