Every Nintendo Switch Launch Issues, Hardware And Software Defects Detailed In Video

Nintendo Switch has been out for a few days but its launch has proven to be one of the weakest when it comes to the reliability of the hardware. From complete failure of hardware resulting in blue screen of death to issues with Joy-Con connectivity, this has not been one of the better hardware launches for Nintendo.

YouTube user Crowbcat, who is famous for his videos that usually go in detail regarding hardware launch issues has made a brand new video focused on the failures of Nintendo Switch. This is an eye opening video that teases the kind of defects currently being experienced by some unlucky Nintendo Switch users.

Some of the issues that are highlighted in the video include the system not reading game cards, LCD getting scratched due to sliding the system in the official dock, hardware defects that make it impossible to play any games and even software related glitches in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is rather scary to see these issues but it is also the norm for most hardware launches.

Hopefully Nintendo can create a better revision of their Switch hardware so that they are less prone to hardware failure.

Nintendo Switch is now available worldwide for $299. It comes in two different colors, Grey and Neon.

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