Nintendo Switch Lite now official, releases September 20 for $199

Nintendo has finally confirmed the long rumored Nintendo Switch Lite in an announcement earlier today. The Nintendo Switch Lite is a new version of Nintendo’s popular hybrid console that is designed to be used in handheld mode.

In the announcement Nintendo made sure to state that the Switch Lite was not able to connect to TVs in a docked mode, confirming that the console will only have a handheld mode.

The Switch Lite will retail for $199 and will be available in three colors – turquoise blue, yellow and grey.

A Special Pokemon Sword and Shield Edition Nintendo Switch Lite was also announced called the Switch Lite Zacian and Zamazenta Edition that releases alongside the game on November 8 for the standard retail price of $199. The edition, pictured below, will feature a grey color scheme with cyan and magenta buttons with illustrations of the cover legendaries on the back.

The Nintendo Switch Lite will have a smaller 5.5-inch screen when compared to the 6.2-inch of the OG system. The Lite will however run at the same 1080p resolution which means a higher PPI (Pixel Per Inch), which leads to slightly better looking visuals. The new portable is also lighter coming in at .61 lbs compared to .88 lbs of the OG. The Switch Lite will come with integrated controls with no HD Rumble or IR Motion Camera. You will be however able to connect Joy-Cons for multiplayer gameplay. The battery life is also improved, promising 3-7 hours of gameplay up from 2.5 to 6.5 hours per charge.

The Switch Lite also doesn’t have a kickstand and as mentioned before no output to a TV. It will however be able to play all Nintendo Switch games that feature a handheld mode, which is most of them.

Nintendo Switch Lite releases September 20 for $199.

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