Nintendo Switch Online Pricing And Features Revealed

Nintendo has revealed the pricing structure and other features that will be a part of their online subscription service for the Nintendo Switch. Cloud Saves and free NES games are a part of the subscription that is fairly cheap at first but limited to individual accounts only.

According to the official press release, Nintendo Switch Online will launch in September 2018. The yearly subscription price for the service is just $20 for the whole year while initially it will launch with 20 NES games that will be free to play for those who have an active subscription. These NES games will also offer online multiplayer for those who are interested in playing them online.

Nintendo Switch Online Service: List Of All Free NES Games

The pricing structure is as follow, if you pay for the basic subscription plan, you won’t be able to share the Online service with other accounts in case your Nintendo Switch has multiple user accounts.

The perks of the subscription include exclusives offers, access to free NES games, online multiplayer and Switch Online app for Smartphones. Keep in mind that the online multiplayer is currently free for everyone but starting from September 2018, you will need to pay for the subscription in order to play some of the Nintendo Switch games online. Nintendo has confirmed that it will vary with games so not all of them will require an online subscription.

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