Nintendo Switch Has Sold 1.4 Million In The UK Compared to 6 Million For PS4

Nintendo Switch is out in the market for one and half year but it has been doing really well in the UK which is considered Sony’s market.

According to the sales result shared by GamesIndustry publisher, Christopher Dring, Nintendo Switch has sold through 1.4 million units since its launch back in March 2017. He also praised the performance of the PS4 which has now sold through 6 million cumulative units in the UK.

The recent Black Friday to Cyber Monday sales were really good for both consoles. PS4 has now managed to sell through 1 million units in the UK in a single year. Nintendo Switch is also doing well with 1.4 million units sales so far. There was no number given for the Xbox One.

Nintendo Switch had a minor price cut during the Black Friday week and it is still effective since the console moved a massive 200K units in the last three weeks.

This is good news for Nintendo who has a rather strong lineup all set for the next year with a mainline Pokemon game and Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch.

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