Nintendo Switch Rumored To Be Region Free

Nintendo Switch was officially revealed today in a new promo video. The reveal confirms that this will be a console/handheld hybrid system that will be let its user play the system on the go, or on their TV.

The previously released Nintendo Wii U also had this feature but it was limited to the hardware, so it essentially worked as a remote play device. The new Nintendo Switch is basically a hybrid of this concept and features a custom Nvidia Tegra chip that powers it.

While there are many developers that are working on it, including Square Enix and Take Two Interactive, there is no full list of games available as of yet.

Nintendo Switch Hardware Based On Custom Nvidia Tegra Chip

Emily Rogers, who is a Nintendo insider with good ties to the industry, has been spot-on with her leaks with regards to Nintendo Switch and she has shared an interesting tidbit today. According to Emily Rogers, Nintendo Switch will be 100% region free, making it the first system in Nintendo’s history to ditch region locking software.

This is great news for those who were stuck with a region locked Wii U or 3DS, which restricted the import of games or the utilization of a particular region digital account.

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