Nintendo Switch Sold-Through 1.5 Million Units This December In USA

Nintendo has shared some of the sales figure for the Switch hardware during this Holiday in USA. According to the official press release sent by Nintendo, they sold a combined total of 2.6 million units for the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS and Super Nintendo Mini during this time frame. We already know that the Switch was the best selling hardware in December followed by the Xbox One, and now Nintendo has confirmed that Switch sold 1.5 million units in December alone.

Nintendo Switch is the latest console/handheld hybrid from Nintendo that has proven to be a smash hit for them. It is selling faster than the Nintendo Wii and has proven to be a popular hardware in Japan, USA and most of Europe. It is setting new sales record for Nintendo which should prove to be good news for them after the lackluster sale of the Nintendo Wii U.

The more surprising part of the press release is the sales unit for the Nintendo 3DS, which were at a rather impressive 750k for the year, making it the best month for 3DS since December 2014. As for the software, most of the Switch games were in the top for the overall software sales as shared by Nintendo.

Nintendo plans to sell 20 million units of the Nintendo Switch for the current fiscal year. If they do achieve their target, it should easily rival the sales success of the Nintendo Wii. Switch has also received a much stronger third party support and has plenty of first party games slated to release this year with the recent mini Nintendo Direct confirming release window for some of the Spring 2018 games.

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