Nintendo Switch systems being bricked by fake game piracy tool

Nintendo Switch systems are being bricked by fake game piracy tools.

To play backup copies of games users would need a paid-for program called SX OS, however some people not willing to pay for it downloaded and used a cracked version on their systems. What they didn’t know is that the makers of SX OS, Team Xecuter, put in a countermeasure that would brick the Switch if someone tempered with their software. Quite ironic really.

Only way to recover your Switch if yours got bricked doing this is recovering from a NAND backup, otherwise your console is now a glorified paperweight.

Sending the console back to Nintendo is probably not an option either considering that using the tool would void your warranty.

Okay, so not many people are aware of what this payload actually does. It does not replace your entire nand with garbage (that would be a huge waste of time) it just overwrites your gpt and part of your PRODINFO. Due to the fact that your PRODINFO is console specific, there is no way to recover without a NAND backup.

It is a modified gptrestore with three multipliers, making it restore the gpt further into the nand then it is supposed to, all the way to your PRODINFO which causes an unrecoverable brick (Without a NAND backup.) If you have a NAND backup, you can use real gptrestore and hekate to fix your switch by restoring said NAND backup. Everyone else affected by this… You’re screwed.

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