Nintendo Switch Teardown Reveals Custom SOC

Nintendo Switch will be out on March 3rd and it is the first worldwide launch for a Nintendo system. The hardware is also confirmed to be region free which makes another first for Nintendo, who previously used to lock their systems to the region it was released.

We have already seen many leaks related to Nintendo Switch and now we can have our first look at the naked hardware stripped bare of its shell in pictures thanks to user taobao.

You can find out the images for Nintendo Switch hardware in the imgur gallery below.

Switch Teardown posted by some taobao guy

The hardware pictures confirm a custom SoC for Nintendo Switch from Nvidia however it also leads to some interesting speculation on its development version. We can see that the Nintendo Switch had the capacity to offer more RAM as there is space for atleast 6 GB RAM. In addition to this, the custom chip hints at a Maxwell revision 2 architecture, which bodes well for the Switch.

While we have already received the full hardware specifications from Nintendo, fans are still speculating about some of the hardware and this new teardown of Switch definitely reveals some interesting scenarios for it.

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