First Look At Nintendo Switch UI And OS

Nintendo Switch is officially set to launch on March 3rd but one lucky user has managed to get an early unit thanks to a mistake made by some retailer. This has resulted in him posting a screenshot of the Nintendo Switch UI, which makes it the first time there has been a detailed look at the UI and OS of Nintendo Switch.

The video was shared by NeoGAF user hiphoptherobot who first casually dropped the news that he had an early access to Nintendo Switch without explaining where he got it from, or how the Switch UI works.

Later, he was asked to make a video of the Switch UI and OS which goes in detail from the initial set up to the full exploration of the Switch OS. You can view the video below.

As it stands, this is our first look at the UI powering the upcoming Switch and we have to add, this looks slick and clean for now. We have to wait for the official reveal video from Nintendo before we can get further confirmation about the features that are supported by the OS for Switch.

Nintendo Switch is set to launch on March 3rd and will be available in USA for $299.

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