Nintendo wins copyright infringement lawsuit against ‘MariCar’

Nintendo has notified shareholders today that they’ve won their lawsuit against Japanese outlet ‘Mari Mobility Dev.’, previously known as ‘MariCar’.

MariCar was operating street go-cart services in several regions of Japan with Nintendo suing the company for copyright infringement, claiming that MariCar was damaging its “Mario Kart” brand.

Nintendo was awarded ¥10 million in compensation with MariCar being told to stop using any Nintendo related branding.

Nintendo enforced their focus on protecting their brand with the company stating that they will “continue to take necessary measures against infringement of intellectual property including our brand”.

Sources close to the case stated Nintendo won the ruling by a landslide, with the judgment being “obvious”.

The trend of renting Go-karts has been rising slowly in Japan year on year, which has lead to rising traffic concerns. In the case of MariCar, people were actually sending complaints to Nintendo, confusing the kart rental outlet for the video game maker.

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