Nioh 2 Update Version 1.07 Full Patch Notes

Nioh 2 update version 1.07 is available to download now for PS4. Here are the full patch notes for this update that were shared by Koei Tecmo.

The new update for the game implements a number of fixes. It also includes balance adjustments as well as a fix for some gameplay elements. Get the full Nioh 2 update 1.07 patch notes below.

Nioh 2 Update Version 1.07 Full Patch Notes

  • For the following sub-mission, mainly enemy appearance timing and degree of difficulty of the relaxation of a single play
     smiths wishes of
     greedy Naru hunter
     Sunomata妖捕Ri products
     viper and butterflies
     brothers sword
     is mighty flame heaven high
     spider is broken by
     what fire God lead
     Closed dream
  • Partially mitigated the power of attacks where enemies other than the boss could be killed by a single shot even at a level higher than expected
  • Mitigated a part of the Shibata Katsuie, which was very difficult to avoid
  • Increased drop rates for recipes and secret books
  • “Difficulty” is added to the search conditions of “Ichigo Ichie” (* Displayed when the difficulty is released)
  • Added “Accessories” tab to “Refresh”
  • Added support to initialize setting values ​​in “HDR Advanced Settings”

Nioh 2 is available now for PS4.

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