NiOh Alpha Demo Changes Detailed By Koei Tecmo

NiOh received an open Alpha demo earlier this month and Koei Tecmo has taken the user feedback that they gathered during this beta to implement some critical changes to NiOh before it launches this year.

The new changes are now detailed by Koei Tecmo and translated by Twitter user BlackKite.

Overall Directions

-Expand Tutorial for game systems
-Balancing difficulty, especially on prologue stages which gets too imbalanced
-Improve camera & controls
-Improve User Interface
-Optimize Graphic Performance

Detailed fixes

1. Tutorial
-Add training stage where tutorial on basic controls can be accessed

2. Action & Controls
-Improve camera & player movement during lockon
-Revise requirements on stamina stagger when stamina reaches 0
-Expand item shortcut slots
-Revise interactions & responses for long-held buttons
-Improve input for half-circular spin for levers

3. Enemies
-Rebalancing enemy attack & defense stats
-Revise enemies’ pursuing ability
-Rebalancing super armor (flinching) for each enemy type & attack
-Rebalancing Revenant AIs

4. Level Design / Stages
-Improve exploration features like adding shortcut paths
-Add hints to signify you’ll be approaching boss battles
-Revise methods to display objects that hide the player chara
-Revise damage in fire area

5. Interface
-Improve layout and contents displayed
-Revise font size
-Allow batch control of offering in Shrine

6. Online
-Improve synchronization during online play
-When having co-op with a Visitor, the host will be able to access Shrine menu
-Rebalance rate of enemy stats increasing in co-op play

7. Others
-Remove durability bars for weapons & armors
-Rebalance drop rate of equipments
-Add new control scheme
-Implement a flow to get out of missions
-Miscellaneous bug fixes

NiOh is currently confirmed for a release this year exclusively for the PS4. The game gives the user choice to switch between 30 and 60 fps and while the 60 fps performance was great, it mostly ran at sub-1080p HD resolution. Hopefully it can be optimized to reach a suitable resolution on the game’s launch.

Let us know what you think about the changes made by the developer in the comments below.

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