Nioh: How To Claim The Mark Of The Champion & Strong DLC Items

Like in every other Special Edition game, Nioh’s Deluxe Edition and Gold Edition includes several in-game bonuses that players can claim while playing Nioh.

Many players are having a hard time claiming these rewards, and do not know how to obtain the rewards that they paid for. This guide will helped you claim The Mark Of The Champion & Strong DLC Items for Nioh.


How To Claim Mark Of Champion & Strong DLC Items In Nioh:

At the start of the game, you will find yourself in London. Here, you will get a feel for the game in the tutorial, while getting to know the protagonist of the game. Once you complete this part of the game, you will proceed to the area that you may recognize from the demo.

Once you’re done with all of that, you will then go into your first mission on the Isle of Demons. This is where players can claim their items. When you get to the Isle of Demons, you will be able to use the Shrine. When you enter the Shrine menu, look for an option called Boon. Select the option, and you will get all the items you were promised.

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Hopefully this guide helped you claim the Mark Of The Champion & Strong DLC Items for Nioh.

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