Nioh: How To Find And Open All The Mimic Chests

While playing Nioh, players might have come across Mimic chests. Similar to the Mimic chests from the Dark Souls series, these chests are different from your ordinary chests and reward players with better loot.

When players try to open these chests, an mirror image of their character appears in front of them. This mirror image will perform a gestures, which the player will have to mimic in order for him/her to get the loot from the chest, without having to fight the mirror image. The images below will show you the different between a regular chest and a mimic chest:

If you fail at performing the correct gestures, you must fight the mirror image. These chests offer you valuable items, so opening them is worth the trouble. This guide will help you find and open all the Mimic chests in Nioh, without having to fight your Mirror image.

How To Find And Open All The Mimic Chests In Nioh:

There are two mimic chests in Nioh, both the mimic chests are located in the side mission known as ‘A Request from Ginchyo’. Once you are in the mission, you will be able to start looking for the chests.

Mimic Chest #1:

During your play through of the mission, you will come across the temple stairs. Near the temple stairs, there will be an enemy that is guarding the entrance to a building. Defeat the enemy and head inside. Once inside, you should be able to locate the chest at the back of the building. When you locate and open the chest, you must perform the gesture called ‘That’s Not Good’. This will allow you to loot the chest, without any conflict.


Mimic Chest #2:

The second chest is close to the first one. Once you reach the temple, go towards the left side of the alter, and you will come across the second mimic chest. To open this chest without having to fight the mirror image, players will have to perform the ‘Clap’ gesture.

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Both of the mimic chests are easy to find, and offer great loot for players. Hopefully this guide helped you open both of the Mimic Chests without having to fight the mirror image.

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