Nioh: How To Obtain The Best Armor Set In The Game

During your play through of Nioh, you will come across tons of different armor sets. Some are better than others, as they give you beneficial special effects and defense.

There are several armor sets which are considered to be the best armor sets in the game. This guide will help you obtain the Head of the Iga armor set in Nioh. This armor set can be seen worn by Hatori Hanzo, and is arguable the best armor set in the game.


How To Get The Head of the Iga Armor Set In Nioh:

Considered to be the best armor set in the game, the Head of the Iga armor set is the armor of the boss known as Hatori Hanzo. In order to obtain the armor set, you must defeat the boss and loot him.

To find and defeat Hatori Hanzo, players must first unlock the Tokai region in Nioh. To do that, you must first complete the mission called The Iga Escape. This mission will come at a later part of the game, so you can’t get your hands on the armor set if you are in the early stages of Nioh.

Once you have unlocked the Tokai region, you will get a new mission called The Way of the Ninja: Veteran. Enter Hatori Hanzo’s dojo and face the boss. He is not a hard boss, but Hatori is very evasive. Take your time, patience is very important in this boss fight. A good way to stop him from evading all your attacks is by using Paralytic Poison. This will paralyze Hatori, allowing you to attack him easily.

Once you defeat Hatori Hanzo, you will be able to get the first piece of the armor set. There are a total of 7 pieces in the armor set, so you will at least have to defeat him 7 times to get the complete set. There is a chance of Hatori dropping an armor piece you already have, so you might have to defeat the boss more then 7 times.

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Regardless of how many times you might have to face Hatori Hanzo, it is completely worth it, as the armor set is one of the best in the game.

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