Nioh: How To Level Up Fast, Easy Amrita Farm Locations

There are a lot of similarities between the new Nioh game, and the Dark Souls games. In the Dark Souls series, players could level up their character by using the Souls they collected after killing enemies. In Nioh, players can level up their character by using Amrita.

This guide will help you farm Amrita quickly, and easily. There is a method to get Amrita easily at the early stages of the game, as well as a method for the later stages of the game.

How To Farm Amrita Quickly And Easily In Nioh:

Before we start farming for Amrita, it is important to know that players should spend Amrita as soon as they have enough for an upgrade of their liking. Amrita can be lost very easily, as players lose it upon death, however, they can get it back by going back to the place where they died. But if the player die on their way to the location, they will lose all the Amrita they dropped upon dying the previous time.

This can be a huge setback if you had a large amount of Amrita with you at the time. It is better if you spend the Amrita, rather then risking it.

Amrita Farm Location #1:

The first Amrita farm location is at an early stage of the game. This method requires players to defeat the boss on the Isle of Demons, and reach the Shrine near the Hot Springs. Once you reach the Shrine, rest up and head inside the room near the Shrine.

You will find three Yokai inside. Defeating them will get you around 1,100 Amrita. Once you have defeated the Yokai, you can regain your health and rest up at the Shrine nearby. Repeat the process until you have enough Amrita for your desired upgrade. This method is quick and easy, and is extremely useful at the early stages of the game.

Amrita Farm Location #2:

The second Amrita Farming method requires you to talk to Kuroda Nagamasa, and get the mission called Finders Keepers. Once you are in the mission location, look for enemies with glowing backs. These enemies will run away as soon as they see you, and you must chase them down.

These enemies will reward you with Amrita, Gold, and other valuable items that can be sold at the shrine for additional Amrita. This method can earn you tons of Amrita.

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These are just a few, easy and low risk, methods that can make you tons of Amrita. Hopefully this guide made it easier for you to level up.

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