Nioh: How To Reset Your Character’s Skill Points

Like in every other RPG, Nioh allows players to choose between various skills to level up. These skills improve your character’s abilities that work well with your play style.

You get skill points as your character levels up, however, once you use your skill points on an ability, they can not be undone. Unless you use an item called the Book of Reincarnation. This book allows you to completely reset your character’s skill points, allowing you to level up the skills all over again.


How To Reset Your Character’s Skill Points In Nioh:

Before you use the Book of Reincarnation, you must obtain it. To do that, you must first open up the world map, and go to the Black Smith. The Black Smith will have an item called the Book of Reincarnation.

The Book of Reincarnation will cost you 10,000 gold, however, keep in mind that the cost of the Book of Reincarnation increases every time you purchase it. Once you have the Book of Reincarnation, go to your storehouse and use it.

If you are short on gold, then you should search hard to reach places while playing your missions, as the Book of Reincarnation can be found during missions. You can also get your hands on the Book of Reincarnation at Hidden Teahouses for 800 Glory.

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When you use the Book of Reincarnation, you will get all of your Amrita back, allowing you to reallocate your skill points to your liking. Keep in mind that the Book of Reincarnation can not be used during missions, so you will have to get to a safe point in order to use it.

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