Nioh: How To Unlock The Blacksmith To Craft And Upgrade Equipment

In Nioh, players have the ability to craft and upgrade their equipment, however, before they start doing that, they have to unlock the Blacksmith. Unlocking the Blacksmith allows players to craft, upgrade, reforge and refashion equipment.

Another cool feature that the Blacksmith provides is the Refashion ability. This allows players to change the appearance of their Armor, while keeping the stats and special effects. This allows you to combine an armor which looks good, with an armor which has better stats.


How To Unlock The Blacksmith in Nioh:

Before we start crafting, upgrading, reforging and refashioning equipment, we must unlock the Blacksmith. To unlock the Blacksmith, players must first complete the second mission in the game. After you clear the Isle of Demons, players will be able to access the Blacksmith menu.

How To Craft Weapons And Armor:

Crafting allows players to create new and improved equipment. Players can craft weapons and armor by using the Blacksmith. To craft equipment, players have to select the Forge option in the Blacksmith menu.

Here, players will be able to craft their desired equipment, if they have the items required. Every weapon or armor piece requires some items to forge. If you do not have to items, then you can use the Disassemble option to destroy equipment that you do not use, and get items that can be used to make the weapon or armor you want.

Upgrading Weapons And Reforging Items In Nioh:

In Nioh, players can upgrade their weapons, and reforge their items by using the Blacksmith. Upgrading Weapons is very straightforward. When you get your hands on a weapon, which has better stats than the one you currently have, you can upgrade it and your current weapon will have better stats.

You simply go into the Blacksmith menu, and select the option called Soul match. Once in the Soul Match menu, place the item you want to upgrade in the Base section, and place the item with the better stats in the Material section. The new Item with upgraded stats will pop up in front of you and you have a new upgraded weapon.

Reforging items is different from Upgrading items, as it changes the special effect of an item rather then its stats. When you reforge an item, a list of all the possible effects will show up on screen, however, you will need to get rid of an existing effect in order for a new one to take its place.

The new special effects will show up completely at random, but you can re-roll the effects multiple times. So you can keep reforging your equipment as much as you want, until you get your desired special effect.


Refashioning armor allows players to change the appearance of their armor, while keeping the stats and special effects of your favorite armor. This is a feature that every game should have, allowing players to keep the appearance of their favorite armor, while having the best stats at the same time.

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Now that you now how crafting, upgrading, reforging and refashioning works, you will be able to craft the perfect armor, upgrade it, and get the desired special effect and appearance you want.

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