Nioh: How To Unlock Disguises And What They Do

In Nioh, players have the ability to purchase disguises for their character. This allows players to change their character’s the appearance, giving him a new look.

Disguises have no benefits aside from the appearance they give you. They have zero impact on your stats and have no additional benefits. Once you equip a disguise, any new armor that you equip will take on the appearance of your armor in the disguise. You will always look the same, regardless of how many different armor pieces you equip.

Nioh Disguises

This guide will teach you how to unlock disguises in Nioh. You won’t have the ability to equip a disguise right off the bat, and will have to play through the game in order to unlock the feature.

How To Unlock Disguises In Nioh:

In order to unlock the option of purchasing and equipping disguises, players must first complete the ‘Spider Nest Castle’ mission. Once you have done that, head over to the hidden Teahouse to purchase and equip the disguises.

You will be given a list of all the disguises available in the game. Once you have one that you like, press the transform option and you will equip your brand new disguise. Similar to everything else in the Hidden Teahouse, players will have to pay in the currency known as Glory, in order to pay for the disguise. For a guide on how to farm Glory, click here.

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The hidden teahouse offers some fun disguises. Hopefully this guide helped you unlock the ability to equip Disguises in Nioh.

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