Nioh: How To Unlock The ‘Keeper of the Flame’ Trophy

During your play through of Nioh, you will have to complete the mission known as ‘The Ocean Roars Again’. While playing the mission, you will come across bonfires, which have to be lit in order to unlock the trophy called ‘Keeper of the Flame’.

This guide will help you find all three bonfires located in the mission, and unlock the ‘Keeper of the Flame’ trophy.

Nioh Bonfire

How To Unlock The ‘Keeper of the Flame’ Trophy in Nioh:

At the starts of the mission, players must first acquire the flint to light the bonfires. A mage near the shrine will provide the Flint needed.

Bonfire Location #1:

The first bonfire is very easy to find. Once you acquire the flint from the Mage, you must cross the bridge and turn right. You will find the first Bonfire in front of you.

Bonfire Location #2:

The second bonfire is harder to find. Once you cross the bridge, head straight until you reach an archway. Once there, turn right and follow the path that lead to two large wooden doors. Head through the doors, and look for a ladder located behind a building.

Climb up and jump across the rooftops to reach a gap where you must drop down to find the second bonfire.

Bonfire Location #3:

Climb back up to the rooftops after finding the second bonfire, and continue following the rooftops until the end. Drop down towards the right side, and go through the door in front of you. Look towards the right side and you will locate the final bonfire in the mission.

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Light the final bonfire and unlock the trophy. Hopefully this guide helped you unlock the ‘Keeper of the Flame’ trophy in Nioh.

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