Nioh: How To Make Gold Fast And Easily

In Nioh, gold is the main currency which is used to purchase items. There is another currency known as Glory, however, that is only used in the Hidden Teahouse.

There are several ways to make gold in Nioh. You can farm enemies, however, the best way to make gold is by selling your items to the Blacksmith. This guide will help you make tons of gold, by selling your items more efficiently in Nioh.

Nioh Blacksmith

How To Earn Gold Fast And Easily In Nioh:

During your play through of Nioh, you will come across armor pieces, weapons and other items that are useless to you. Rather then discarding these items, you sell them to make some easy money, however, you have been doing it wrong this whole time.

In the game, when you sell an item, it might sell for 1,000 gold, however, if you dissemble the item and sell its components, you will make a lot more money. This can allow you to make more gold than the amount you would have made by selling the whole item.

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An item that is being sold for 1,000 gold, can be sold for more than 2 or 3 times the price if you sell the components of the item individually. This is something not a lot of people know about and hopefully it will help you make tons of gold in Nioh.

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