Nioh: A Quick And Easy Way To Farm Glory

During your play through of Nioh, you might come across the Hidden Teahouse. The Hidden Teahouse is a place where players can purchase rare equipment and items that will help you in the game.

However, in order to purchase these rare items, players must pay in the game’s unique currency known as Glory. This is a currency that is used to purchase items in the Teahouse. Glory is rare, compared to gold. This guide will help you farm Glory in a quick and easy way.


How To Farm Glory In Nioh:

In Nioh, players earn Glory by defeating Yokai and soldiers, however, there is another way to farm Glory. All you need is an internet connection to play the game in Online Mode.

While playing the game, you might come across Red Swords poking out of the ground. These Red Swords act like the Bloodstains in the Dark Souls series. If you are not familiar with the Dark Souls series, then this Red Sword will basically show you how a player died in the location of the sword.


Once you come across one of these red swords, you can summon the Phantom of the player that died there. The phantom is created with the player’s gear and stats in mind, so pick your battles carefully. Once you summon the phantom, it will be controlled by an AI.

When you defeat the Phantom, you will receive multiple rewards, one of which is the currency you are looking for. Farming Glory is very easy at the early stages of the game, as players will die frequently due to their low level gear. The earlier missions are ideal locations to farm Glory.

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Keep taking out Phantoms to make tons of Glory. Hopefully this guide helps you farm tons of Glory so that you can purchase the rare items available in the Hidden Teahouse.

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