Nippon Ichi announces Disgaea 4 Return and Criminal Girls Invitation For PS Vita

Great news for NIS fans, the JRPG specialist has just announced at an event at Yokohama Japan two new games for the PS Vita.

First of these games is a familiar title, Disgaea 4 Return which is a remake of the PS3 title Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten on the PS Vita similar to Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention released last year. Disgaea 4 Return will hit stores in Japan January 2014, an international release hasn’t been announced yet but expect NISA to make an announcement soon.


The other title is Criminal Girls Invitation, most likely a port of the 2010 Japan only PSP title Criminal Girls. Criminal Girls Invitation will arrive in Japan this Winter.

Expect both of these games to be released internationally as Nippon Ichi has been really supportive of their localizations lately.


NIS also mentioned of a “10th Anniversary Asagi Project” detailed about which are to be released at a later date. This is weird since the character Asagi first appeared in the 2005 PS2 title Makai Kingdom so that would make her 10th anniversary in 2015 which is still quite far off.

I’m personally really looking forward to playing Disgaea 4 Return on my Vita, what about you?

Thanks Dualshockers.

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